Mission Statement

       "The Smoking Aces Tour is dedicated towards providing skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities a platform for which they may be able to showcase their talents, while simultaneously producing the highest quality of competition."

Our Story

Skiers and snowboarders alike are invited to take part in an innovative and exciting freeride tour coming to a mountain near you this winter. There are a total of three mens divisions: 13 & under, 14 & over and Open Class. Also we have a Women's Division for all the ladies that want to get their shred on. All of these divisions have a skiing and snowboarding specific side. Competitors are encouraged to compete in all of the tour stops, although we do not require this.  

For specific policies and explanations please contact the Smoking Aces Tour Director, Billy Marcial @ wmarcial@krmc.org

Participation Info:


 We are dedicated towards working hard on continuing to have NO MEMBERSHIP FEES for competitors to participate in the Smoking Aces Tour. 

The Smokin' Aces Tour continues to be the premier competitive freestyle skiing and snowboarding series in the Northwest United States for young amateur riders.  We pride ourselves in giving the youth of the region a competitive platform to show case their skills on in a regional series.  Giving youth the opportunity to travel to competitions and participate against the regions most talented riders.  

The 2017 Smokin' Aces Tour is proud to be presenting three events this winter.  Our first event will take place at Schweitzer Mountain Resort on February 24th.  This event is known as the 2017 Smokin' Aces Tour: Idaho Championship Slopestyle.  The second event in our series is at Big Sky Resort.  On March 24th we will be putting on the 2017 Smokin' Aces Tour: Wild Card Rail Jam.  This is a night rail jam.  We will be lighting up the Swifty 2.0 Terrain Park at the base of Big Sky Resort for this winter's only night event at Big Sky Resort.  We will follow this event up with our final event.  On March 25th we will be taking over the Swifty Terrain Park at Big Sky Resort for the 2017 Smokin' Aces Tour: Montana Championship Slopestyle.  

We will be crowing the state champions in Idaho and Montana respectively.  You do not need to be a resident of the state to compete in the events.  We honestly think it would be awesome if someone from another state took the state championship home with them.  Along with crowing state champions, we will be hooking all of our podium finishers up with some awesome gear from our sponsors or cash money!!!!  

The 2017 Smokin' Aces Tour has a total of four divisions for you to choose from.  Each division will be broken into skiing and snowboarding specific divisions.  Here is the breakdown of divisions:

13 & Under // 14 & Over // Women's // Open Division


All competitors are encouraged to select their division based on skill level instead of age.  If you feel your skills are good enough to be competitive in the Open Division, we would love to see you challenge  yourself competitively.  In the past we have had riders who would have been in the 13 & Under Division, but instead competed in the Open Division and found themselves on the podium.  We also encourage women to compete in any division they like.  We have our Women's division available, but if you feel that you can run with the boys then we are 100% behind you! 

In both the Idaho Championship Slopestyle and the Montana Championship Slopestyle all age divisions, including the women's divisions, cost $35 to enter.  The Open Divisions cost $40 to enter.  At the Wild Card Rail Jam the Amateur and Women's Divisions cost $30 to enter, and the Open Division costs $40 to enter.  As we noted earlier, there are no other costs or expenses involved with participating.  This is something we have been dedicated towards since the whole thing started.  

Registration is open online on our website (www.smokingacestour.com/registration).  We will also have registration open on the day of each of our events.  Please check with the specific event information to gain more information about the specific times and locations. Competitors who have registered online must come to these in order to check-in to the event.  If you are under 18 years of age, or your child will be coming into registration/check-in solo please make sure to have a signed event waiver with them.  You can download and print off a picture of our event waivers on each of our Facebook event pages.  Competitors under 18 will not be allow to compete without a waiver signed by a legal guardian.

Keep your eyes to our website and facebook page for more details and updates.  We are excited for another year of high flying action.  2017 is bound to be another amazing year of the Smokin' Aces Tour.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please direct them to the Tour Director, Billy Marcial, at smokingacestour@gmail.com


The Smoking Aces Tour is brought to you by a dedicated group of winter sports enthusiasts.  These individuals have decades of combined experience in competitive skiing and snowboarding.  They are driven towards collaborating to produce a high quality event.  Please take the time to thank them for their efforts!


Billy Marcial - Co-Founder/Tour Director

Zak Anderson - Co-Founder/Public Relations Director

Steve Knox - Chief of Competition

Amity Sparks - Chief of Registration/Chief of Scoring

Shane Marcial - Head Judge

Craig Moore (Glacier World Photography) - Media Manager

Rose Goldthwait - Graphic Designer